Health Care

We didn't have a health care crisis before Government started messing with it. Remember, these are the people who brought you the Knox-Keene Act (HMOs).

CLICK HERE for a visual
to give you an idea of what National Health Care would be like. And CLICK HERE for some observations from someone in Washington who actually read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) before it became law!

That's not to say that some reform isn't needed, just not the major intrusion, mandates and fines if you don't buy health insurance that we got with the "Affordable Care Act". CLICK HERE for comments from former Congressman Paul regarding some constructive changes.

If you have a little more time, CLICK HERE for a little longer video on the right way to reform health care. Or if you're a reader, CLICK HERE for an article of interest.

As predicted, employers are dropping health care benefits for part time workers right and left. These people must buy coverage they may not want or face fines. In fact, 20,000 Californians who already have health insurance, will still get fined because their plans don't conform to the mandates in the Affordable Care Act. If they want to avoid the fine they will have to buy a more expensive plan that covers things they don't want covered!

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