Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll


The Government wastes a lot of money trying to legislate and enforce morality. When we accept that human desire cannot be legislated away, we can begin to address societal and medical problems as such and not as judicial problems.

As long as your neighbor doesn’t interfere with your freedoms, health and safety, or steal from or defraud you, he should be left to his own pursuit of happiness. Now if he runs a meth lab in his garage which could explode, or gets in his car after his evening marijuana-heroin-cocaine binge, then he IS endangering your health and safety and should  face the legal consequences.

Reserving prison space for violent offenders who must be removed from society for the protection of the general public, and instituting fines and restitution for victims for non-violent offenders, will save millions of tax dollars while still protecting the public.

Victimless crimes, involving a willing buyer and willing seller, should be removed from the books. We regulate and tax potentially harmful and addicting substances such as alcohol and tobacco, the same could be done for other potentially harmful and addicting substances where only prohibition exists now.

Alcohol prohibition was shown to increase crime with no decrease in alcohol use. Un-regulated alcohol production from backyard stills and black market sales resulted in increased health risks as well.

Current drug laws cause increased crime, overcrowded prisons requiring ever increasing spending while not affecting the availability of drugs in our schools. Regulation always works better than prohibition. Witness the fact that is more difficult to score a six pack of beer than an ounce of marijuana on any school campus.

And don’t get me started on why the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board  (ABC) can cite an establishment for allowing dancing.

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