First, watch this vintage video:


Can you imagine a kid taking this hat to school today?
Back when this commercial aired, kids did not kill their parents, classmates and then commit suicide. Something much more mind altering and detrimentally powerful than playing with toy guns, or video games had to be introduced into society to transform children into monsters and cause 23 young service men and women to kill themselves EVERY DAY.

The pharmaceutical companies created psychiatric drugs and the psychiatrists began prescribing them to adults and then to mothers and then finally to children in the 1960′s. Pandora’s box was opened and society has been in a downward spiral ever since.

Psych drugs are the cause of school shootings and military suicides, not guns!
In 1950s-60s America when guns were so freely available to children and youth, that you could order them through the mail with no ID required, no waiting period, and literally carry them to school to place in the back of the classroom with no problems at all.

During this time, when guns were the most accessible in our country’s entire history, there were no school shootings, drive by shootings, or murderous teenage rampages.

What changed? Here is what changed: Powerful psych drugs were developed and became the profitable, prescription answer to a wide variety of extremely questionable if not outright fabricated mental disorder diagnosis of youth.

Even Michael Moore doesn’t see guns as the problem! Don’t believe it? Here’s his vid:

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